More random thoughts or something

Alright, this is probably going to be the main theme of my tumblr. Me, giving my opinions on random, usually pointless, junk. So I guess that’s just how it is. Now, to begin… Drama, specifically, the middle school kind. I don’t know what it is about Drama, but it annoys me. I can’t feel sympathetic for most people in my school who are having drama, but that’s probably because I’m an asshole. Another reason for this may be that to me, it seems as though these people are looking for drama. I’m not going to name anyone, but there are a few girls specifically in my school who can’t go a week without “Losing” a friend, and then making up the very next day. It seems, from my perspective, that alot of people seek out drama, to quell their boredom.

Another thing I want to talk about is myself. I’m going to tell how I act, and why I act like that, so, here I go. I pretty much have two different “Modes” let’s call them. One of them is me around my friends and people I know, and the other is around strangers. When I am around my friends, I talk often. I’m sarcastic, rude, and from what I can tell, extremely annoying. I don’t expect anyone to like me because of this, and I don’t try to get people to like me. I don’t have ANY idea why, but I seem to have alot of “Friends”, despite the fact that they call me stupid things (That almost always don’t make any sense) Now, when I’m around strangers, as in, during class, I’m extremely quiet, kind, and considerate. This may be the reason I get my friends, because I’m nice to them at first. To strangers I make sure to be extremely polite and make the best impression I can. Now, to explain why I act so different. The real me, is the shy, calm, quiet me. The reason I act so strange to my friends is simply because I made jokes like that, I would say things like “I’m going to kill you” But I made them just a bit too much, and now I’ve sort of trapped myself into a position where I am expected to act like this to them.

Next up, maturity. I have a question in my head almost at all times, that question is, is everyone immature, or am I too serious? I’m in the 8th grade, at the age of 14, and it seems in every of my classes I am the only one who takes things so seriously. Everyone else in the class-room either goofs off, doesn’t pay attention, or makes stupid jokes. The fact that it is EVERYONE but me gives me the feeling that I’ve simply grown up too quickly, and that I should take some time and fuck around like a normal middle school kid, but then the other side of me says that it’s just because of the school I’m in. My family has issues with this school, because my brother HATED going here. One of the major reasons was that there was a bomb threat, and they accused him of it. No joke, my brother was accused of threatening to bomb the school. When they did find the actual person, there was no “Sorry”. They literally said “Don’t threaten to bomb the school,” and sent him on his way. There was not a SINGLE apology for accusing him of trying to BLOW UP THE SCHOOL. There are other problems, mostly bullying and such, but that is the big one. Back to the point I was making (if there even is a point, to any of this) I feel like the things that I’m thinking and feeling are things I shouldn’t be worrying about at my age, which, along with other things, makes me not willing to share my feelings with anyone. Not even my closest friends have any idea what is happening inside my head.

Anyway, that’s all, shows over. I want to make it clear, I don’t want, or expect, any sympathy, at all. I just felt like putting my thoughts somewhere, and this is where they ended up. I’m probably gonna realize later that half of this is stupid, but whatever.

This is a song that UB made for my characters PT and WA, it’s pretty sweet, and so is he.

Your name is ALSO Zelthiri Xoltes, which is Zelthy for short. You have a variety of interests, but you tend not to share them with others. You enjoy SHIPPING, even shipping people you don’t know. You respect the HEMOSPECTRUM despite being a rust-blood, and are simply too polite to argue with it. You have a minor problem with saying NO to people who ask you for things, and it is a wonder you haven’t been taken as a slave yet. You tend to have an issue TRUSTING people, especially HIGHBLOODS, but you would never tell anyone. You do not have any weapons, as you try to avoid strifing, and you have very weak PSIONICS. Your trolltag is blunderingAcademic and you talk iŋ a very pỗlite maŋŋer.

Late night thoughts or something…

Alright, this is pretty much just going to be me saying everything that comes through my mind at this time. I’m probably going to rant a lot about how people annoy me and blah blah, but whatever.

I’ve been thinking about this all day, and it’s been bugging me for a while. School. I don’t know why, but this year the actual school part of school has flown by. Half of the stuff we’ve done, in every class, is just review. My ELECTIVES are the hardest classes I have. Everything we’ve done in MATH even has been way too easy. Before I used to have trouble with math, because I’m no good at arithmatic. I haven’t memorized my times tables and I can’t do long division worth shit, but if you give me some equation that takes the rest of the class half an hour to do, and we all get calculators, I’ll get it done in about five minutes. I don’t know why it is, but I seem more comfortable with numbers and letters than graphs, tables, and pictures. I’ve always iked writing better than drawing, so I guess this makes sense? I’m not sure why, but when we move out of the “easy” stuff, which was for me harder, I start to find things easier. So over the year math class has become progressively easier. Maybe I’m overthinking things, I tend to do that, but whatever.

Another thing that annoys me recently is people who aren’t trying. I try not to discriminate against people who aren’t as smart as me, but these people COULD learn, if they FUCKING TRIED. For instance, in language arts class we were talking about a book the class was reading, and one of the kids asked “Who is spaz?” … Spaz, my dear, sweet child, IS THE MAIN FUCKING CHARACTER OF THE ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK. That brings me to… language arts class. Our teacher is very nice, she tries, she does really, to teach us what we need to know. I can imagine if she’d be frustrated when the ENTIRE CLASS is SCREECHING LIKE HOWLER MONKEYS THAT ARE ON FIRE, but she isn’t. If everyone starts screaming and talking and being assholes,she’ll quietly say “Please be quiet and sit down…” Of course, no one listens. I believe it is her first year teaching, and I hate the people in my class for being such dicks.

This brings me to my last point, which I think is a serious issue, especially here in Utah. I have nothing against mormanism, I am not a mormon, but some of my friends are, and I can respect that. I simply think that mormanism has a major influence on the inherent homo-phobia that seems to be here in Utah. It seems that “Gay”is a common insult, and that being a homosexual automatically makes you a horrible person. I am lucky enough to have been raised by my wonderful parents who taught me that just because Homo-sexual people are different doesn’t mean they are wrong. I personally am not a homo-sexual, but I have nothing against them. I don’t think it’s my business who wants to do what with whom. I simply despise people who outright say “Gay/lesbian people are inherently wrong because they are against god” OR WHATEVER. And they won’t word it like that, it’ll sound more like this… “GAY PEOPLE ARE WEIRD AND WRONG!” I’m sorry if this is a touchy subject for whoever happens to be reading this, but if you think homo-sexuality is wrong, keep it to yourself, and  don’t shove it down everyone elses throats, and maybe consider putting a bit more study into things before you say them.

I think that’s all… I don’t really know why I said all of this. Make no mistake, I don’t hate utah, I don’t hate the people in my school (No matter how much I fucking say so) and I don’t hate my teachers. That’s all mister/missus whoever is reading this right now.

Edit: Alright, I’ve been told that I can’t fix the size of them without changing my theme, so I fucked with the theme and bluh. I don’t care anymore. Click if you want to see the real sizes.

A less weak introduction I guess…

Alright, since my first introduction was really weak, I’m going to make a new one, it’ll have all of my characters that I RP as and I guess… A list of things I hate? Sure, why not.

Your name is ALYSSA ROBERTS but most people call you ALICE, for reasons unknown to you. You have a variety of INTERESTS, some of which are BITCHING ABOUT NOTHING and IRRITATING THOSE AROUND YOU. You are getting ready to play a game that a bunch of your friends have, or are, playing, SBURB. You look forward to this with curiosity, and a bit of fear as you have heard the game is… dangerous. You use STAFFKIND and SPEARKIND specibus and you are 14 years old. Your chumhandle is pyroTherapist and you talk in a manner that let’s everyone know that you can talk like a NORMAL, FUCKING, PERSON.

You are also JUNE ROBERTS. You have some interests which you describe as NEEDS. These include playing VIDEO GAMES, especially ASSASSINS CREED and BATMAN games, another interest of yours is BUGGING YOUR SIS, Alyssa. You also find VAMPIRES strangely ATTRACTIVE. You are 18 years old and use 2x HIDDEN-BLADEKIND specibus. Your chumhandle is whimsicalAssassin, and you talk in a manner similar to a regular person.

You are also TEREF LEREND, though you really like to be called REND because it sounds cooler You have a variety of interests that range from TRAINING TO FIGHT, because frankly you SUCK at FIGHTING, to talking to the nearest breathing thing. You sometimes find TROLL ROMANCTIC QUADRANTS to be a bit DAUNTING and CONFUSING, despite being a troll yourself. You have a serious issue with STAYING STILL and STICKING TO ROUTINE. You also tend to get quite NERVOUS quite easily. You use WHIPKIND specibus and are 6 sweeps old. You talk in a manner that softens shertain words, as well as making some letters kome out very harshly, you simply kan’t help it.

And now, a list of things and people I hate:

1. When people walk up the wrong side of the stairs and bump into EVERY-FUCKING-ONE and don’t say sorry

2. When people walk up the stairs at the slowest possible fucking speed.

3. When people make large groups and chat in the middle of the hallway, OR THE MIDDLE OF THE -FUCKING- STAIRS. SEriously, walk to the edge of the hallway, and for gods sake DON’T STOP ON THE STAIRS.

4. People who think they are too cool to talk to someone else.

5. People who screech like spider monkeys over seeing the friend that they JUST FUCKING SAW AN HOUR AGO.

6. Leeches of society, and this is serious. People who know that they CAN abuse the system, and take that as a sign that they SHOULD abuse it.

7. People who think the system is inherently wrong because it is possible to abuse it.

8. People who think they are perfect in every way.

9. People who try to but into conversations they aren’t a part of, listen for two seconds, and say “So… what are you guys talking about?…”

10. People who can’t take a hint of advice without flipping shit and going “I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG”

11. People who play mind games. You know who you are.

12. People who see things in black and white. Example, breaking ANY rule is automatically, no matter what, undeniably WRONG.

13. When I think you stepped in something, but then you can’t tell if there’s anything on your shoe.

14. When I have shitty shoes that hold water in but don’t keep it out. Causing my shoes to be a fucking SWAMP…

15. When I run out of things to hate.

Anyway, I hope you guys, whoever is reading this (assuming anyone is) found this to be informative, or at least entertaining. Later.



England of course, or maybe Japan.


So… I made this tumblr, it’s my first time making a tumblr so I’ll probably do something stupid, but whatever… I’m just going to keep this short because I can’t think of anything to say. I like to read homestuck, and this page is partly for a character I RP with. Feel free to ask me all of your silly questions, and I’ll answer them as well as I can. So… that’s all.